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After 22 years in business, we’ve handled nearly every electrical challenge there is.

Our expertise lets us quickly identify your needs & help you understand your options.

Prioritizing responsive communication & attention to detail, we deliver personalized solutions without interrupting your busy life.

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5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

dianne b.


little stuff (like dimmers) and big stuff with names i don't get - all done well with costs up front. honest, easy going and progressive. will definitely use again as my home ages...

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

Ben P.


I'll admit it. I don't know a thing about electricity.

But when my house lights started dimming periodically, my surge protector started crackling, and power was generally funky I decided it was best to call a professional. I gotta lotta expensive computery stuff plugged into my outlets - so no sense in dilly dallying. I spoke to a friend of mine who had some work done recently and Tim came highly recommended. Wasn't sure he'd come down to Burlingame, but thought I'd ask - rather have a pro who's seen this kinda thing before on an old 50's house like mine.

Tim was rad from the outset. He walked me through a few simple possibilities on the phone - which would have saved me some dough if it was in fact something so simple - no such luck, but it was nice for him to try to help before charging me for a house call. The next day he arrived right on time and ready to diagnose.

Turns out the problem was fairly ugly and potentially dangerous so Tim had to - let me see if I can get this right - balance the loads in my panel and then replace some undersized conductors that were feeding into the main breaker. Tricky stuff.

It was a good-sized job, but he was really good about explaining my options and responsive throughout the project - he finished pretty quickly considering the challenges and I couldn't be happier with the service. The bill wasn't cheap but did come in just under the estimate - and when it comes to my home and family's safety I want to know its done right - for real.

I even learned a thing or two along the way. Good stuff.

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

Jonathan J.


I called around to a few Yelp suggested electricians. Tim called back in about 15 minutes and was able to solve the problem over the phone. I offered to send him payment for his time but he refused to take it as the job was so simple. So there you have it - amazing service and integrity to boot! Highly recommended.

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

errol b.


Neil and Tim at Electric City helped fix my mom's faulty kitchen wiring and really lifted the stress off our shoulders. The remodel gone wrong had not passed inspection and the contractor was "on vacation" so Neil showed up fixed whatever made it to code and we passed. literally it cost like a couple hundred bucks and was so worth it, specifically because I called and they showed up the same day, and were very kind and understanding about our problem. next time I'll call them first.

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

sunny c.


I talked to Tim on the phone for quite awhile about our electrical issue he was great about describing what he thought might be wrong, and giving me tips on what I could check myself. he spent 20 minutes with me on the phone for free to be sure we actually needed to spend the $ for a service call. we felt more comfortable having him come out for this rewiring and also found a place we had been wanting a ceiling light added. Tim came out upbeat and on time, we really liked his helpful friendliness and will call him again. his price was fair and work clean and neat.

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

Ashley B.


Tim is a first class expert. I've hired and fired a lot of contractors. Considering the consequences of bad electrical work, you want to make sure the person you have working on your power grid has the knowledge and skills to spot potential problems and avoid costly errors. He has done some tremendous jobs including entire comercial buildings yet he is just as diligent with the small stuff.

He is always the first person I call to get a straight answer on an electrical issue. He knows what he is doing, he fulfills on his promises, and really cares about making sure the job is done right. Obviously I would recommend him wholeheartedly.

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

julie h.


We needed help with outdoor lighting in our garden and extended deck and covered porch. Tim put in multiple plugs, beautiful light fixtures, outdoor heaters, and really helped make our deck livable and comfortable year round. The best part was his happy and helpful attitude while he told us our options and he really was creative in helping us shape our ideas on what we would really love to use in our space. This was not an easy job, our wiring had been messed with by many do it yourselfers over the last 50 years, however Tim did not burden us with the issues, but always presented a solution, which really helped to limit any stress we may have otherwise felt. I felt his pricing was a great value for the professional job, and had gotten a few other bids that were a little higher. During the 2 day job we were so encouraged and pleasantly surprised we kept saying thank goodness we picked him! Thanks so much Tim It's just beautiful! So over all we give Tim a big thumbs up A+, and we will be calling him again to use his creative magic when we remodel our kitchen this fall.

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

dianne b.


i didn't even know how good it could be - who knew a dimmer in my dining room could add such Ambiance?
who knew a light in that closet where i attempted (in the dark) to store my DVDs could (well, really) be useful if i could actually SEE?
Tim and Neil, (et al) - are wonderful: suggestions, reasonable pricing, follow thru - all good.

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

Rachel F.


I love Neil!
I have had the privilege of connecting with him several times.
Not only is he pleasant, hard working and honest; he also is a great story-teller, a true Renaissance Man.

I would recommend Neil for any electrical job you might have.
He is efficient, competent., and very horough.
Thank you Neil, for helping me for lighting up my home.

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

Bri W.


I've been working with Tim and Neil for over a year now and they are the best!! Very reliable, kind, patient, and helpful guys! Neil always works with me to try and determine the most cost effective solutions to whatever electrical problems that may arise. No job is too small either - they always treat each situation with importance. I work for a company where the smallest problems often become the biggest issues, and it's great to know I can always rely on Neil and Tim to be there to fix it! Thanks as always for your hard work!!

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

Jenn D.


I needed two houses' worth of doorbells and door releases fixed and found Tim by Yelp'ing. Thanks, reviewers. He was very attentive and patient over the phone. He sent Neil out, who is equally patient and kind. It's been a great experience all around. They were even willing to work with our landlord's budget. Thanks Tim and Neil!

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

Gene C.


Today's President's Day and Tim was kind of enough to call us back promptly regarding our circuit issues in the kitchen. Since we're electrically challenged, he walked us through a potential resolution over the phone and checking the GFI reset buttons on the power outlets which appeared to do the trick. Tim was very kind and helpful and we will absolutely use him again for any future issues!

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor



I never met Tim, but did a lot of work with his partner Neil in fixing some electrical problems in my new place. Neil was great -- kind, thorough, empathetic, tidy, interesting, easy to have around. I'd call him again without hesitation.

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

Drew H.


Tim is great. He showed up on time, explained the options for re-wiring the floor outlets in my house, and was fair on his prices, especially for the amount of work that his assistant and he performed. He also fixed my doorbell to boot. He may not be the cheapest electrician but I am confident the work that he performed is top notch, which is of course crucial for electrical work.

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

Mark G.


Electricity is dangerous. Very dangerous. Screw around and touch the wrong wire and your ass will be toast. Lucky for us there's Tim and his gang. Quality work done quickly at reasonable prices, and they don't talk to you like you're an idiot, which is a really nice touch.

So if your electrical problems go beyond changing a light bulb (although if you ask they'll do that for you too, no problem), then call Tim and save yourself a trip to the emergency room.

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

Madeline T.


Tim was a good guy to work with though sometimes we lacked to ask the right questions and he lacked in informing us there was a question. Overall the experience was good and now we have a new washer, dryer and electrical panels!

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

Katy H.


Tim is really reliable and that's the most important thing to me. I had him replace some light fixtures and add some pendants over a counter. He did a great job -- knew exactly where to place the pendants so that they looked right. I recommend him.

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

Prosetta B.


Tim has been an excellent resource for our company. He is very personable and has had no problem bringing in the resources to address our large and small jobs. He has helped us with: replacing small damaged wall outlets; drawing up plans and lining up contractors for installing backup generators; outfitting extra rooms with data hookups; and on. I highly recommend him. Thanks Tim.

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

L N S.


I found Tim on Yelp. I called 2 other top rated electricians, but one called me back several hours later and the other didnt return my call until the following day.

Tim answered my call promptly and he was able to come to my house the following day to move a pendant light in my kitchen. His work was clean, so I asked him to add an electrical socket in my side yard as well as a light, which he was able to do on the same day.

Moving the pendant light in my kitchen, left a large hole in my ceiling where the light originally was. Tim offered an option of covering the hole with a plastic caps since he doesnt do drywall patching. I didnt like the cap idea but felt ambitious to do it myself after watching many hours of DIY. Tim gave me great tips on how to watch the hole and showed me how to use his electric saw to cut out a piece of wood to support my drywall patch.

I will definitely use Tim again for future electrical work at my house.

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

dan p.


Tim did an elaborate outdoor lighting system for our new 50-stair grand entryway deck with outdoor sockets, motion light systems, low voltage stair lights with multiple on/off points, and a high voltage tree canopy alternative mood system as well.

Previously, Mr. Pearson had done internal sunken and art illumination lighting projects in our home. All continue to work flawlessly and remain great pieces of workmanship.

5 Star Review for Electrical Contractor

Julie C.


I don't know my amps from my watts, so I called Tim to take care of my electrical needs. He's a smiley guy with no fear of touching exposed wires with his bare hands (cringe!) Anyway, I thought he did a great job and I've hired him again to light up my backyard. Very pleasant to work with.